Following the independence of Bangladesh in 16 December 1971, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman returned to Bangladesh, via London and Delhi, with a pomp on 10 January 1972.

But this euphoria would not last long. Four years later, with the country still unable to recover from the destruction caused by Swadhinata Juddho (Independence War) and growing discontent over Sheikh Mujib's self-appointment as President and creation of one party movement, he was massacred at his home in Dhaka along with 21 members of his family and close associates. This killing spree took part in 15 August 1975 and was allegedly carried out by ex-Mujib army officials.

The char netas (four leaders) who worked closely with Sheikh Mujib and who set up the Mujibnagar government, the first government of independent Bangladesh, were captured and also killed in Dhaka Central Jail three months later in 3 November 1975.

Timeline of major events during assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in 1975

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Assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (1975) history

  1. Bangladesh in turmoil after independence
  2. Jatiyo Rakkhi Bahini (JRB) - from law enforcers to Sheikh Mujib's private army
  3. Reasons for army's anger towards Sheikh Mujib
  4. General Osmani leaves role and Tajuddin Ahmad resigns as per Sheikh Mujib's directive
  5. Jashod vs JRB
  6. Controversial killing of Siraj Sikdar
  7. Profile of the two masterminds or 'Killer Majors' Syed Farook Rahman & Khandaker Abdur Rashid (Farook's background, Rashid's background)
  8. Dalim incident proves a sore point for young army officers
  9. Farook hatches the plan (the Tongi episode which turned Farook, identifying targets, Farook goes on spying mission)
  10. Ziaur Rahman declines Farook, Andha Hafiz gives green signal
  11. BAKSAL: The 'Second' Revolution
  12. Date fixed for murder (Sheikh Jamal groomed for prominent army role, 'royal' wedding brings whole family in one place)
  13. Rashid turns to Khandaker Moshtaque Ahmed as "temporary measure", Farook at wedding anniversy: "I'm going to do it on the 15th"
  14. Day before massacre (recruitment of rebel officers, Andha Hafiz: "His time has run it very secretly", Dhaka University put final touches to ceremony, night training exercises used as guise...)
  15. 15 August 1975 I: Rebel officers march towards massacre early morning, Farook's bluff destablises 3,000 Rakkhi Bahinis, Sheikh Mujib learns about attack on brother-in-law Serniabat's house
  16. 15 August 1975 II: Colonel Jamil Uddin Ahmed, the only person who came to help - and he paid the price
  17. 15 August 1975 III: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and family killed in cold blood
  18. 15 August 1975 IV: Brother-in-law Serniabat & family killed (including 4-year-old grandson), nephew Fazlul Haque Moni and his 7-months pregnant wife also murdered
  19. 15 August 1975 V: 'Mission accomplished', burial of Sheikh Mujib in Tungipara
  20. Khandaker Moshtaque takes over, new cabinet includes Mujib loyalists
  21. Nation's silent reaction to massacre, international reaction to new development - TO DO
  22. 'Indemnity Act' protect killers (Moshtaque hails killer majors as "surya shontan", Fifth Amendment to Constitution under Ziaur Rahman, detainment of Mujib loyalists includes char netas))
  23. Aftermath I: 'Sipahi-Janata Biplob', killing of char netas (which includes Tajuddin Ahmad) at Dhaka Central Jail, Jatiyo Shok Dibosh & Jail Hoitta Dibosh - TO DO
  24. Aftermath II: Bangabandhu Smriti Jadughar (Memorial Museum), Bangabandhu Mausoleum Complex (Tungipara)
  25. Aftermath III: DU hands over 15 August 1975's citation to Sheikh Hasina 38 years later, killers get death penalty