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At 85 (on August 1 this year), Prof. M.R. Khan is agile and indefatigable. His involvement with life and society is total and he still retains the enthusiasm of youth as he pursues his dreams. He is a tireless worker. A visit to the Shishu Sasthya Foundation or Central Hospital or Nibedita Children Hospital, or the Women’s Medical College and Hospital reveals the man, the architect behind all these mammoth projects for helping ailing people and children.

Daily Star (Bangladesh, 2013)

Dr. M. R. Khan is an eminent pediatrician in Bangladesh. He is internationally appreciated for his concerted effort in the field of curing sick children and in growing up of a healthy generation. He is also vocal about mothers’ role in the prevention of many childhood diseases. He has always emphasized on the means of having healthy future generation in a poverty ridden country like ours.

Dr. Khan is associated with many international organizations dealing with child and mother care. His relentless effort has earned him a prestigious position at home and abroad. He has played a vital role in prevention of child mortality which has been attributed in many research indexes. He is a regular contributor in many national and international medical research journals.

As a national professor, Dr. M. R. Khan is respected at all levels.

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