Polashi Juddho (1757 - 1947)

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  1. Background to East India Company (EIC) - world's first multinational
  2. Siraj's nana Alivardi Khan becomes Nawab of Bengal, long battle with Marathas and Afghans, murder of Siraj's father Zainuddin and dada Haji Ahmad
  3. Young & wayward Siraj-ud-Daulah becomes Nawab of Bengal, family in-fighting blights ascension
  4. Mughal vs English rivalry, maritime importance of West Bengal, Mughal vs French, British vs French
  5. Black Hole of Calcutta, Clive & Watson sent from Madras, Mir Jafar conspires with British
  6. Battle of Plassey


  1. British begin 200 years of dominance thanks to Mir Jafar, last of the Nawabs
  2. Insulting legacy, collapse of East India Company, decline of nawabs, birth of multinationals

Timeline of major events during Polashi Juddho of 1757-1947

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