Polashi Juddho (1757 - 1947)

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  1. Background to East India Company (EIC) - world's first multinational
  2. Siraj's nana Alivardi Khan becomes Nawab of Bengal, long battle with Marathas and Afghans, murder of Siraj's father Zainuddin and dada Haji Ahmad
  3. Young & wayward Siraj-ud-Daulah becomes Nawab of Bengal, family in-fighting blights ascension
  4. Mughal vs English rivalry, maritime importance of West Bengal, Mughal vs French, British vs French
  5. Black Hole of Calcutta, Clive & Watson sent from Madras, Mir Jafar conspires with British
  6. Battle of Plassey


  1. Aftermath I: British begin 200 years of dominance thanks to Mir Jafar, last of the Nawabs
  2. Aftermath II: Insulting legacy, collapse of East India Company, decline of nawabs, birth of multinationals

Timeline of major events during Polashi Juddho of 1757-1947:

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