Tajuddin Ahmad

Tajuddin Ahmad

  • Born: 23 July 1925 at village of Dardoria, Kapasia thana, Gazipur district (north-east of Dhaka)
  • Died: 3 November 1975, Dhaka (aged 50)
  • Profession: Awami League politician
  • National contribution: First Prime Minister of Bangladesh, political lead during 1971 Liberation War
  • Recognition:
  • Hasani? Didn't know that! A hafez (memorised full Qu'ran by heart), anti-smoking campaigner


  1. Early life, a hafez, academic excellence, student leader in Dhaka University
  2. Family life, character, animal and nature lover
  3. Left-leaning nationalist, active campaigner during Bhasha Andolon
  4. Diaries of Tajuddin Ahmad, General Secretary of newly formed Awami League party and MLA of Jukta Front
  5. Right hand man of Sheikh Mujib, anti-Ayub campaigner
  6. Narrow escape for Tajuddin from the clutches of Pakistan military as war breaks out, wife Zohra bluffs Pak Army and goes into hiding with young children
  7. War-time Prime Minister of Bangladesh
  8. Vows to abstain from family life until Bangladesh independent
  9. Victory, finally! Rebuilding Bangladesh
  10. Deteriorating relationship with Sheikh Mujib in post-independent Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujib ask him to resign from cabinet
  11. Murder in Dhaka Central Jail of Char Netas following assassination of Sheikh Mujib and family


  1. Sad passing of wife Syeda Zohra Tajuddin 'Lily', children's efforts to promote father's legacy, "Tajuddin Ahmad: Nishongo Sharothi" (Tajuddin Ahmad: An Unsung Hero) documentary
  2. "Tajuddin Ahmad: Neta o Pita" (Tajuddin Ahmad: A leader and a father) book by eldest daughter Sharmin Ahmad 'Reepi'
  3. Tajuddin Ahmad'er Chithi (Collection of Letters of Tajuddin Ahmad), "Tajuddin Ahmad Sritti Rokkha Committee" (Tajuddin Ahmad Memorial Trust Fund), Shahid Tajuddin Ahmad Medical College, "Tajuddin Ahmad: Aloker Anantadhara" book
  4. What others say about Tajuddin Ahmad...

Timeline of few major events in Tajuddin Ahmad's life

  • 1941 - Became hafez aged 16
  • 1942 - Receive training in civil defence from India Army
  • 1943 - Joined All-India Muslim League
  • 1944 - Completed Matriculation exam securing 12th place in the First Division in Calcutta Board
  • 1944 - Elected councilor of Bengal Muslim League
  • 1948 - Secured 4th place in the First Division in Dhaka Board in Intermediate examination
  • 1948 - Founding member of East Pakistan Chhatra (Student) League
  • 1948-1952 - Student leader during Bhasha Andolon (Language Movement)
  • 1949 - Joined newly formed East Pakistan Awami Muslim League led by Maulana Bhashani
  • 1953-1957 - Appointed General Secretary of Dhaka District Awami League
  • 1954 - Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Dhaka University
  • 1954 - Elected MLA after winning Provincial Election as a candidate of the Jukta (United) Front
  • 1955 - Social Welfare and Cultural Secretary of Awami League
  • 26 April 1959 - Married Syeda Zohra Khatun 'Lily' (later Syeda Zohra Tajuddin)
  • 1960s - Imprisoned various times for campaigning for greater right of Bengalis
  • 1964 - Law degree (LLB) from Dhaka University
  • 1964 - Elected Organizing Secretary of Awami League
  • 5 February 1966 - Accompanied Sheikh Mujib to a conference of opposition parties held in Lahore, West Pakistan
  • 1 March 1966 - General Secretary of Awami League
  • 8 May 1968 - Arrested during 'Agartala ShoĊ—ojontro Mamla' (Agartala Conspiracy Case). Released on 12 February 1969
  • December 1970 - Elected Member of National Assembly of Pakistan
  • 7-25 March 1971 - Issued administrative directives during Non-Cooperation Movement
  • 25 March 1971 - Escape to India with Barrister Amirul Islam after Pakistan Army commences war
  • 30 March 1971 - Come up with idea of an independent government
  • 10 April 1971 - Forms first Government of Bangladesh and appointed it's first Prime Minister
  • 11 April 1971 - First broadcast to the nation following the formation of the new government
  • 17 April 1971 - Take formal oath of office in Bayddanathtala, Kushtia, Bangladesh, which he renamed "Mujibnagar" (City of Mujib) and addresses nation
  • 27 May 1971 - Met family for the first time since war began
  • 1971 - Conducts nine month war with Pakistan from Mujibnagar headquarter in Calcutta (now Kolkata), India
  • 22 December 1971 - Returns to Dhaka in newly-independent Bangladesh
  • 12 January 1972 - Hands over PM role to Sheikh Mujib and becomes Finance and Planning Minister
  • 26 October 1974 - Resigns from Cabinet upon Sheikh Mujib's request
  • 15 August 1975 - House arrested after Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and family assassinated
  • 22 August 1975 - Taken to Dhaka Central Jail along with 3 other former leaders of Mujibnagar Shorkar
  • 3 November 1975 - Murdered in mysterious circumstances in Dhaka Central Jail