• Zilla (District):
  • Distance from Sylhet: 26 miles (42km) using Karimganj-Sylhet Road
  • Population: 41,390 (pouroshova)
  • Village size: 62,023 acres (approx. 251 sq miles)
  • Madrasah include: Furkaniya, Ebtadiya, Hafiziyah
  • High school include: KG School
  • Current chairman:
  • Surrounding villages: Nobang, Supatola, Borodesh

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How to get to Beanibazar from Sylhet

Direction to Beanibazar from Sylhet

With a 'C and G' it usually takes 45 minutes to reach to Beanibazar and can cost between 300-500 taka.

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Direction to Beanibazar from Sylhet

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Brief history of Beanibazar

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http://www.beanibazarwelfaretrust.org.uk/home/about-beanibazar https://translate.google.co.uk/translate?hl=en&sl=bn&u=http://www.beanibazar.sylhet.gov.bd/&prev=search


Sutarkandi bondor (land port): Before going to Sylhet city from Beanibazar upazila, there are about 3 km dormant Sutarkandi land port from the Dug Point crossing the Sheola Bridge. It belongs to the Dubag union of Beanibazar upazila. Located approximately 10 km from Beanibazar Upazila Sadar, many people visit every day in this spectacular spot..

Malik (Owner) Mahal: Located in Pattan village adjacent to Mollapur Union office on the south side by joining CNG, rickshaw or microbus from Beanibazar Upazila Sadar.

Dr. G. C. Dev Smriti Jolok (Memorial Plaque): Located in front of Loutta Government Primary School, Bairi Bazar from Biani Bazar. Travel from Barricram Bazar to rickshaw or CNG.

Videos of Beanibazar

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Famous 'Beanibazari' include:

  • Abdus Subhan Choudhury ( - 1 Aug 1968) Justice of East Pakistan High Court. Obtained First Class in law from Aligarh Muslim University, India. Joined Judicial branch of Bengal Civil Service in 25 July 1935. Served in various places in undivided Bengal. Served as district & sessions judge in Jessore, Dinajpur, Barisal, Chittagong before elevating as a justice in the than East Pakistan High Court. Batch mates included Late justice Sikandar Ali and Justice M. Idris, first Chief Election Commissioner of Bangladesh (1972 - 77). Retired 1 July 1968, left for London to get treatment and died a month later. Married to Begum Jahanara and had 7 children.
  • Govinda Chandra (G. C.) Dev (1 Feb 1907 - 26 Mar 1971) Head of Philosophy and Psychology departments of Dhaka University (DU). Also an educationist. Born in village of Lauta. Ancestors were high-caste Brahmins who settled in Sylhet from Gujarat, India. After father's death at an early age, Dev raised by local Christian missionaries. Passed entrance examination in first division from Beani Bazar High English School and I.A from Ripon College, Calcutta. Achieved first class first position in both BA (Hons) from Sanskrit College, Kolkata (1927) and MA in Philosophy from Calcutta University (1931). Received Ph.D degree from the same university for thesis on 'Reason, intuition and reality'. Worked initially as teacher in Calcutta and Dinajpur. Joined DU as a professor of philosophy (1953) and later promoted as chairman of the department of philosophy (1970). Provost of the Jagannath Hall, DU, from 1957 - 1970. Taught in a college in Pennsylvania, USA as a visiting professor. On return to Dhaka he founded the 'Philosophy Bhaban' in 1971. Published over 100 articles and 9 books including Idealism and Progress (1952), Idealism: A New Defence and A New Application (1958), Amar Jibon Darshan (1960), Aspiration of the Common Man (1963), The Philosophy of Vivekananda and the Future of Man (1963), Tattvavidyasar (1966), and Buddha: the Humanist (1969). Two other books - Parables of the East (1984) and My American Experience (1993) - were published posthumously. Inspired by Socrates, he was a secular and humanistic philosopher. Awarded honorary title of 'Darshan Sagar' by the East Pakistan Saraswat Samaj in 1967 for his contribution to philosophy. The same year, 'The Govinda Dev Foundation for World Brotherhood' was established in USA for propagating his humanistic philosophy. "Dev Centre for Philosophical Studies" was established in the Department of Philosophy of DU (1980) which publishes a Bengali journal called 'Darshan O Progati' and an English journal entitled 'Philosophy and Progress'. Awarded Ekushey Padak posthumously (1986). Donated all his property and money to DU to further the cause of human welfare. Born in village of Beani Bazar, Sylhet. Murdered by gunshot to head and chest by Pakistani forces on the night of 25 March 1971 in his campus quarter near Jagannath Hall. Adopted Muslim daughter Rokeya Sultana was beaten up and her husband Mohammad Ali was also killed. Dr. Dev died a bachelor. Buried in the mass grave at Jagannath Hall, DU.
  • Nurul Islam Nahid (Born 5 Jul 1945) Minister of Education. Holds degrees from in Sylhet MC College and Dhaka University. Participated in many international conferences. Elected President of the Chhatra (Student) Union at Dhaka University (1970). Long and distinguished political career. Active participation during mass movement of 1969 against President Ayub Khan. A valiant muktijuddha (freedom fighter) and organiser of guerrilla unit of the Chhatra Union in War of Liberation of Bangladesh in 1971. Founding president of Jubo Union in 1976. General Secretary of Communist Party of Bangladesh in 1991. Joined Awami League in 1994 and became First Member of Bangladesh National Parliament (1996 – 2001). Served as the Secretary of the Executive Committee on Education and Human Resources Development of Awami League and appointed Minister of Education in 2009. Authored seven books. Married to Juhra Jesmin who is a civil officer. They have two daughters, Nadia Nandita Islam (teacher of Dhaka University) and Najia Samantha Islam (works in private sector).
  • Abdul Quadir (Born 1 Jan 1954) Last Personal Secretary to General M. A. G. Osmani.
  • Hasina Momtaz (Born ) British news presenter, media and communications expert and former press officer for the Mayor of London (2003 - 2011). Graduated in International Relations, Law and Sociology from the London School of Economics and Political Science and completed Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR, 2008). advised London governance for over eight years in City Hall, providing strategic and operational media relations counsel to Mayor of London Ken Livingstone for five years (2003 - 08). Other prominent roles include Deputy Head of News and Media Relations for the Local Government Association (LGA, 2011), Communications Business Partner for Tube Lines, a wholly owned subsidiary of Transport for London (2012), and anchoring in Bangla tv channels including launching her talk show 'Dinner Debates with Hasina Momtaz' on Channel i Europe (2014). A non-paid Executive Director of media for the British Bangladesh Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs (BBCWE) and Editor in Chief of Asian Sunday newspaper and Asian Style magazine (2015). Runner-up for 'Media Professional of the Year' award in the Asian Women of Achievement Awards (2009), and part of the three–strong award winning team which won the Melcrum Award for internal communications and employee engagement during the London 2012 Olympics (2013). Supporter of Conservative Party in UK, and an Executive Member of the Conservative Muslim Forum. Included in both the "British-Bangladeshi Who's Who" and the "Brightest 100", annual publications highlighting the most successful and influential members of British-Bangladeshi community. Father businessman Haji Mohammed Amiruz Zaman. 5 siblings. Born in Beanibazar but moved to London aged 5.
  • Nadiya Jamir Hussain (Born 25 Dec 1984) British baker, columnist, author and television presenter.Rose to fame after winning the sixth series of BBC's 'The Great British Bake Off' (2015). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nadiya_Hussain

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  • Nearest Post Office is located at:
  • 'Bazar days' are . Most shops open at 11am and close in the evening.
  • Gym are available in the bazars.

May Allah bless Beani Bazar and our people. Ameen.