Dr. Zohra Begum Kazi

  • Born: 15 October 1912, Rajnandgaon, Madhya Pradesh (now Chhattisgarh), India
  • Died: 7 November 2007, Dhaka (aged 95)
  • Profession: Bangladeshi physician
  • Recognition: First Bengali Muslim female doctor of undivided India
  • National contribution: Ekushey Padak winner (2008)
  • Hasani? Didn't know that! Never had any children of her own


  1. Early life, family life, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, first class medical student, first Bengali Muslim lady doctor of the subcontinent
  2. Duty first, provided medical assistance during Bhasha Andolon and Muktijuddho, awards galore, passing & burial


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Timeline of few major events in Dr. Zohra Begum Kazi's life

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