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Last updated: 10 October 2017 From the section Khudiram Basu

As a boy, Khudiram had refused to abide by the norms that govern a boy of his age, but in a strong and determined way, he had demanded a revolver from Hem Chandra Kanungo because his ambition was to kill at least one saheb. Kanungo further elaborates on the oppression and cruelty perpetuated on Khudiram by his guardians who were compelled to give him shelter because he was an orphan. If Khudiram had passively accepted such humiliation, he would have been termed a sushil subodh balak (good, well-behaved boy). But since he was a rebel by nature, he defied them to the extent of being accused of restlessness, impoliteness, disobedience, mischief and evil.

Khudiram's life underlines the rebellious background of some children that contributed to their evolution as political activists in the national crisis of the time. Khudiram's example facilitated the creation of insubordinate child protagonists who were the pride of their parents, teachers, community and by extension the nation.