• Zilla (District): Biswanath (214.5 km2)
  • Distance from Sylhet: 20 miles (35km) using Jagannathpur Road
  • Population: 169,730 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bishwanath_Upazila (upazila)
  • Village size: xxx acres (approx. xxx sq miles)
  • Madrasah include:
  • High school include:
  • Current chairman: Soyful Hoque (Upazilla Chairman: Mohibur Rahman)
  • Surrounding villages: Syedpur, Gaol Gao

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Map of Biswanath

How to get to Biswanath from Sylhet

Direction to Biswanath from Sylhet

With a 'C and G' it usually takes 30 minutes to reach to Biswanath and can cost between 200-300 taka.

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Direction to Biswanath from Sylhet

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Biswanath village map & landmarks

Brief history of Biswanath

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Hindu Baburam Jibon Ray's son Biswanath

Nothing is definitely known about the origin of the Upazila name.

Long ago Biswanath was occupied by Hindus and Muslims with the Hindus predominately occupying position of landlords. Amongst such landowners was allegedly Baburam Jibon Ray who had a son called Biswanath Ray. Baburam bought whole of Biswanath bazar from Lord Charles Cornwallis in 1739 and developed the area into an administrative centre. In recognition of his efforts the Upazila was named after his son Biswanath.

Another similar suggestion for the origin of the name is that during the British rule there lived a Zamindar named Bishwanath Dhar in the locality. It is generally believed that the Upazila might have originated its name from the name of the Zamindar.

Hasan Raja, the great saint, had his residence in this Upazila.

1922: Becomes a thana

On 10 January 1922 Biswanath was declared a thana. It has eight unions.

  1. Lamakazai
  2. Khajansi
  3. Alonkari
  4. Rampash
  5. Daulatpur
  6. Bishwanath
  7. Deokolosh
  8. Doshghor



Videos of Biswanath

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Famous 'Bishnatiya' include:

  • Hason Raja (1854 - 1922) Zamindar, mystic & poet. Born in Sunamganj.
  • Ragib Ali (Born 1938) Industrialist, tea state owner, founder of multiple educational institutions, bank, and Ragib-Rabeya Hospital.
  • # Nurul Islam Khan (Born 16 Jan 1946) Advocate, and Chairman of Jatiyo Janata Party. First parliamentary member of Biswanath in 1st National Parliament of Bangladesh. Nominated by Awami League party from Dhokkin Surma-Biswanath in 1973 General Election. From village of Siddorpur, Rampasa union. Son of late Firuj Khan.
  • # Elias Ali () Second parliamentary member of Biswanath in 6th National Parliament of Bangladesh. Nominated by Bangladesh National Party (BNP) from Biswanath-Balagonj in 1996 General Election. Elected member in 2001 also. From village of Ramdana, Ologkari union. Son of late Wasib alis.
  • # Shofiqur Rahman Choudhury (Born 18 Aug 19xx) General Secretary of Sylhet Zilla, Awami League party (Dec 2011 onwards). Third parliamentary member of Biswanath in 9th National Parliament of Bangladesh (5 Jan 2009 - 6 Jan 2013). Nominated by Awami League party from Biswanath-Balagonj in 2008 General Election. Graduated (B.A.) from M. C. College in Sylhet. From village of Chandborang, Doshgor union. Son of late Abdul Motlib.

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Important info, tips, hints, miscell...

  • Nearest Post Office is located at:
  • 'Bazar days' are and . Most shops open at 11am and close in the evening.
  • You can go to Sylhet either via Goala Bazar (using Dhaka-Sylhet Highway) or Syedpur (using Jagannathpur Road).
  • Gym are available in the bazars.

May Allah bless Biswanath and our people. Ameen.